Comprehensive health solutions for reimagined care.

Improving health outcomes through redesigned health systems.

An exciting core of frontline health products and services that meet the world’s demands of today and tomorrow.

Genefic presents a host of distinctive offerings that meet the needs of people around the world. Committed to improving quality of life through redesigned health systems and a global mission of creating better health outcomes, Genefic adapts and advances.

Genefic Specialty Pharmacy redefines personalized healthcare through unique medications like biologics and biosimilars that are used to treat rare or complex health problems. The Dalrada subsidiary makes a positive impact by keeping people safe and healthy.

Genefic is health care. Reimagined.

Genefic is health care. Reimagined. Healthcare team working on a modern solution looking at the tablet

Dedication that drives health.

Dalrada’s healthcare subsidiary, Genefic, builds end-to-end comprehensive health solutions. With a dedicated commitment to health and wellness and improved patient care, Genefic delivers with bold ingenuity. Genefic creates advanced products and services and builds comprehensive systems that provide better outcomes through reimagined health care systems.

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Pharmaceutical Solutions

With more than 30 years of dedicated expertise, Genefic Specialty Pharmacy provides expert pharmaceutical support while delivering patient advocacy through end-to-end prescription management, medical education, and unique health support.

This unique specialty pharmacy is changing the modern pharmaceutical experience by offering class-leading customer service and delivering on a robust set of industry-best core values. Genefic Specialty Pharmacy addresses the needs of patients undergoing basic, chronic, or complex therapies, and develops forward-looking solutions that keep patient care a top priority.

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